Super 3i's vs. CAM's

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Super 3i's vs. CAM's
« on: 27 Sep 2022, 01:16 pm »
Had the Super 3i's for a year and a half and absolutely love them, once I got them through many hours of break-in in the garage.

As I’m in England I can’t test them so went for the 3i’s as if I didn’t like single driver speakers I could probably get most of the money back on the 2nd hand market and wouldn’t lose much money. Obviously no need to sell them they are amazing.

So looking at what model to get next. My listening room is small so not appropriate for floor standing speakers or very large stand speakers. Otherwise I’d just get the Super Alnico High Output XRS.

I don’t need more base, better defined / fuller is good though. Realism of instruments, separation of individual performers / complexity and just doing what the 3i’s do so well is what I’m looking for with maybe a bit more weight.

I recently did an upgrade to my main source, an Origin Live Resolution, and I think the speakers are holding things back a bit now. Should not be surprising considering the 3i’s are about 2% - 3% of the total cost of my system, the speaker cables are over double the price of the 3i’s…….. Don’t get me wrong the 3i’s still sound (and look) amazingly good, but there are limitations so hoping to remove some of them with an upgrade.

If anyone has heard both and can tell me what you get with the CAM’s vs. the Super 3i’s I’d be really grateful. Should I be thinking about another model ?