Rockadanny's System, a Two-channel Audio System by rockadanny

Room Size
20.125' L x 12.67' W x 7.10' H
System Overview
Goal: Satisfying system without breaking my bank or marriage.
Music Preferences
Lots, but mostly jazz, blues, rock.
Room Description
Basement room: carpet over concrete; drywall; suspended ceiling.
Acoustic Treatment
All GIK treatments: (4) 244 Bass Traps on side walls at first and second reflection points; (2) pairs (double-stacked) Tri-Traps front corners; (2) 6A Alpha Pro Series Bass Trap Diffusor/Absorbers 2D(a) on front wall; (3) Evolution PolyFusors on rear wall.
Digital Source
Opera Audio Consonance Reference 2.2 CD Player - upgraded: Auricaps, power supply, tube, etc.
Mapletree 2A SE Linestage - NOS 12SN7 Tung-Sol grey T plates; separate power supply; NOS Raytheon JAN-CRP 6X5WGT rectifier; Black Gate filter capacitor. Gains: 10dB, 10dB, and 18dB. Two outputs.
Power Amp
Whammerdyne DGA-1 Stereo Amp - NOS Sylvania 2A3 power tubes; NOS Amperex BB 6DJ8 input tube; optional wider band output transformers
PAP Trio15 Horn1 - Verastarr Illusion JR Series Copper Foil cabling
Speaker Cable
Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Plus
Power Cables
VH Audio Flavor 4 - for monoblocks w/ Furutech FI-25 Gold connectors
Power Cond
Brick Wall (Zero Surge) PW8R15AUD: 15 amp; 8 isolated by duplex (6 switched, 2 unswitched) - for CDP and pre.
Tuning and Tweaks
Star Sound Audio Points under CDP, amp, and preamp boxes.
Other Components
Furutech FPX (Cu) AC Outlet 20 amps - one each for mono block amps.