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Title: iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread
Post by: TF1216 on 16 Mar 2018, 03:53 pm
iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread
iFi's latest portable beauty


Yup, this space is devoted to our upcoming xDSD model. Every piece of nfo regarding this one we'll post in this thread.

Stay tuned!
Title: Re: iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread
Post by: iFi Vicky on 12 Apr 2018, 04:13 pm
Hey, hey, hey, it's arrived. Shinier than the Bean in the windy city of Chicago.

So, the iFi team is at Axpona and we are proud to announce the new
xDSD - the neXt gen of portable audio!


When iFi audio launched its original micro iDSD headphone amp, preamp, and DAC back in 2014, it raised the bar for small, portable, high-performing DACs. It’s been lifting it higher ever since. Last November saw the introduction of the nano iDSD Black Label, with a host of new features including support for MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) audio. Now, iFi has excelled itself again with the launch of xDSD – the first in the company’s next generation of portable DACs.

With a pure analogue volume control retaining full-resolution at all volume levels, the xDSD is a major sonic step up for all smartphones, digital audio players and computers. Its selectable 3D+ and XBass+ functions bring both sensitivity and power to the careful listener. The artist appears in the room with music and lyrics flowing all around.

The xDSD has pulled off the task of being ultra-portable and wireless while supporting high-resolution formats, including MQA, and delivering 500mW of power per channel. By means of aptX HD and AAC, it brings hi-res streaming to Bluetooth.


In terms of attributes, the xDSD is similar to the micro iDSD, though it’s more advanced:

•   Burr-Brown Hi-Res True Native DSD DAC chipset for discerning listeners
•   Dual-mono headphone amplifier with 500mW of power per channel, which can unleash the full potential of both 32ohm and 600ohm headphones
•   High-resolution audio up to PCM768kHz and DSD512
•   MQA ready for playing back all high-res MQA encoded files
•   Wireless Bluetooth (aptX and AAC) for CD-quality wireless sound
•   S-Balanced compatible 3.5mm headphone output brings the benefits of the
balanced connection to single-ended headphones
•   Advanced Analogue Signal Process (ASP), 3D+® and XBass+® headphone
optimisation circuits
•   Pure analogue volume control retaining full-resolution at all volume levels
•   Audiophile Digital Filter 'Measure/Listen' selectable
•   Large 2200mAh Lithium-Polymer battery providing six-to-eight hours of playing time

All these features have been packed into a rugged magnesium-aluminium body measuring just 95x66.5x19mm and weighing 127g.  Though it has some similarities with the micro iDSD, it’s control layout is very different because of its Bluetooth wireless capability.

Take a look at the front panel controls (left to right) below:

1.   3.5mm HP Jack (TRRS balanced compatible, no microphone support, switchable to line out).
2.   Right of the jack, two separate RGB LEDs indicate sample rate and input selection.
3.   Volume (Rotary with ‘push’ button) with translucent centre and volume indication backlight.
4.   Right of the 3D+/XBass+ button are two separate white LEDs to indicate 3D+ and XBass+.
5.   The 3D+/XBass+ button push button cycles between all off, 3D+, XBass+ and both.

Rear panel controls (left to right)

1.   3.5mm SPDIF (Coax/Optical combo, 192kHz supported).
2.   USB A-type OTG Input mounted centrally.
3.   Filter switch that slides between ‘measure’ and ‘listen’.
4.   Micro USB connection for charging (power input only, full charger detection for fast charge).
5.   Below the micro USB port, an RGB LED indicates battery status.

Time flies by when the listener is immersed in the music played by the xDSD. Guitars sound real and a Steinway piano sounds ‘woody’ instead of ‘glassy’ like an electronic keyboard. Musicality overflows.

The retail price of the xDSD is US$399 (ex-tax) or €449/£399 (incl VAT).

Title: Re: iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread
Post by: iFi Sarah on 12 Apr 2018, 04:26 pm
Exciting! Really looking forward to seeing all the lovely folks at Axpona and hearing what they think of our shiny new precious! :D
Title: Re: iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread
Post by: iFi Vicky on 16 Apr 2018, 09:25 pm
Check this out! Great pics too!

Title: Re: iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread
Post by: iFi David on 14 Aug 2018, 09:58 pm
EISA Best Portable DAC / Headphone Amplifier.
Sounds great!


The award winner
iFi’s new portable DAC and headphone amplifier, the xDSD, has won what’s sure to be the first of many awards.
EISA, the European Sound and Imaging Association, has awarded the xDSD Best Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier for 2018-2019.

Victoria Pickles from iFi said:

“The release of the xDSD had us excited for a long time, so winning the EISA award for Best Portable DAC / Headphone Amplifier is the icing on the cake.

The xDSD packs a punch and revitalizes the way people listen to music. The award is testament to the hard work of everyone at iFi in striving to create the best audio products possible for our customers.”

Praise for the iFi xDSD
EISA was not only impressed by the xDSD’s ten-hour battery life and sleek, super-light magnesium case, but they also loved its flexibility:

“The DAC Headphone Amplifier turns smartphones, laptops and portable players into great sounding music centres. It exudes quality and is perfect for indulging in music on the move.”

They also loved its S/PDIF and USB inputs as well as switchable, digital filtering to allow the flow of unbeatable frequency balance.

With praise like this, it’s easy to see why the xDSD deserves its place on the winner’s podium.

The tech specs
The award-winning xDSD is perfect for home or portable use. But don’t let its compact size fool you, because it’s packed with some big components:

•   Wireless Bluetooth - Delivers CD-Quality music wirelessly to your headphones from your smartphone, DAP, laptop or smart TV.

•   S/PDIF and USB inputs - Wired, the USB type A OTG/CCK connector offers the ultimate High-Res audio performance for smartphones, laptops and USB enabled DAPs. The 3.5mm coaxial/TOSLINK combo S/PDIF input gives older DAPs and CD players a new lease of life as a transport to serve High-Resolution audio.

•   Burr-Brown TrueNative - Hear music as the artist intended. The Burr-Brown True Native® chipset means file formats remain unchanged for the purest sound.

•   MQA - For MQA tracks, simply connect to Tidal (on your computer) and check the options to stream MQA.

•   S-Balanced Performance - The iFi exclusive S-Balanced technology delivers the maximum performance from single-ended and balanced headphones alike.

•   3D+ & XBass+ - 3D+® creates a louder, deeper soundstage that puts the artist with you in the room with you. XBass+® corrects headphone/speaker bass response to deliver a more profound, tighter, richer bass.

•   Cyberdrive - The Cyberdrive headphone amplifier stage is one of the pivotal new circuit designs in the x-series. This new design places all parameters of the analogue system under digital control for a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario.

It’s no wonder EISA was quick to award the xDSD the Best Portable DAC / Headphone Amplifier for 2018/19.

The xDSD, there’s simply nothing like it.

The retail price of the xDSD is US$399 (ex-tax) or €449 /£399 (incl. VAT).

Title: Re: iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread
Post by: FreddyJ on 26 Mar 2020, 02:08 pm
Does anyone on here own one of these and what are their thoughts? Thanks.
Title: Re: iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread
Post by: iFi David on 27 Mar 2020, 10:30 pm
Does anyone on here own one of these and what are their thoughts? Thanks.

Yup, I'm interested as well! In the mean time, you might want to take at this well-balanced article:
Title: Re: iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread
Post by: iFi David on 6 Apr 2020, 09:13 pm
To Leeroy Jenkins or not to? That is the question…

Let me first introduce you to one legandary (and a bit nerdy) World of Warcraft video...

If you'd like to know what this has to do with audio, please take a look at our latest blog entry HERE (http://'')
Title: Re: iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread
Post by: iFi David on 22 Apr 2020, 10:17 pm
On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, iFi reflects upon our environmental and sustainability responsibility. This is what Jules, our Brand Manager has to say...

“At iFi Audio, we’ve pledged to ensure our product packaging is 100 per cent plastic-free and 100 per cent recyclable by 2021. We’ve been working steadily toward this goal and our packaging across our entire range is already 97% recyclable and plastic-free.

As for the products themselves, we’re actively looking at different materials such as bamboo for the cabinets of loudspeakers and all-in-one music systems.

We’re also working hard to reduce our carbon footprint with a plan to reduce CO2 emissions at each stage of the product cycle as part of our ‘environmental pledge’. We’ll be issuing more information about this soon.”