Introducing SilentPower from iFi - DC Blocker & GND Defender

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DC Blocker
Your humming transformer is your quarterback.

Got mechanical hum. Deploy the DC Blocker.

Goodbye mechanical hum

Many amplifiers have a really annoying mechanical transformer hum (emitted from the transformer itself), especially those with toroidal (circular) transformers.

You can hear it when you place your ear close or next to the chassis.

This is usually caused by a small amount of DC voltage in the mains which makes its way through to the mains transformer, it will become ‘saturated’ and start to hum like a trooper.

The DC Blocker is a clever device that you place at the IEC (at the rear power inlet) and as its name implies, it stops DC from getting into the audio mains. It eliminates transformer hum from amplifiers.

GND Defender
GND control.
Take out speaker hum.

AI ground detection

With a GND Defender at the IEC power input, it will intelligently detect and remove the ground loop at the component.

Behind this, the GND Defender:
  • Intelligently breaks DC ground loops to eliminate ground loop hum
  • EMI shielding is retained
  • Equipment Safety is unaffected (not a ground lift – so maintains equipment safety ground)
If multiple ground loops exist, more than one GND Defender may be required.

The GND Defender is smarter than the average ground lift. By a long way.