SET 400 and DVA SET 600 mono-blocks

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SET 400 and DVA SET 600 mono-blocks
« on: 8 Feb 2019, 08:15 pm »
I have recently upgraded my 2 channel listening system with a pair of AVA SET 600 mono-block amplifiers. My two channel system is now comprised of the following components:

Speakers:  Salk Signature Sound, SS8
Preamp:  PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium
Amplifier:  AVA, DVA SET 600 Mono-blocks
Digital Media Server:  Windows Laptop, music source files compiled in lossless format using DBPoweramp, playing from Roon.

Windows laptop to DAC: Anticables, Digital Level 3.3 Reference Series USB digital interconnect
DAC to Preamp: Anticables, Level 6.2 ABSOLUTE Signature RCA analog interconnects
Preamp to Amp: Anticables, Level 6.2 ABSOLUTE Signature RCA analog interconnects
Amplifier to Speakers:  Anticables, level 2.1 True Vandersteen Bi-wire speaker wires

Power Distribution: Balance Power Technologies, 20 Amp power distribution center.
Power Cords: Anticables, Level 3 power cords

I have been living with these new DVA SET 600 mono-blocks for a few weeks now and I am compelled to share my thoughts. These new AVA SET 600 mono-block amps replaced a pair of mono-block PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium High Power Amps that I had for about 4 years. The Primaluna high power mono-blocks were very, very, good and provided me with much listening joy and pleasure.  The path that led me to the DVA SET 600 mono-blocks was unplanned and an unexpected transition.

I read the great review of the Vision SET 400 amp by Martin Appel from Audiophillia and thought that it may be a good amp choice for my work/office 2 channel system, so I gave Frank a call and ordered one.  When the amp arrived I first checked it out on my home 2 channel system and was completely blindsided with the dynamic range, true to real live sound, amazing sound stage focus, and imaging capability it would produce. Needless to say the amp never made it to my work office because it blew away the mono-block PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium High Power amps that I currently had in my main home system. I called Frank to discuss my findings and he clued me in on an even greater enhanced performance that could be obtained from the DVA SET 600 mono-blocks. This compelled me even more so I place an order for a pair of the DVA SET 600 mono-blocks.

I received the DVA SET 600 mono-blocks, set them up and started the process of listening and living with them. I’ve been having serious listening sessions with these amps for a few weeks now and must proclaim that I am extremely satisfied and overwhelmingly pleased with their performance. I have realized no fatiguing, absolutely none over time. The focus and timing of source music is so precise, so focused, crystal clear, harmonically pure, and un-smeared that its presents a sound quality that is totally fulfilling and addictively pleasing.

What you have heard and read about these amps is the real deal. I can provide first hand verification that everything said and written about DVA SET 600 mono-blocks by Karl Sigman, also of Audiophillia, is true and factual. I can also concur what Larry, AKA, I. Greyhound Fan, has described about the SET 400 amp in one of his prior posts. There is something real and magical about these AVA SET amps. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a new amp or upgrading your amp. Very thankful for Frank’s design genius and for bringing these new amp designs to market. Frank is the best at what he does.

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Re: SET 400 and DVA SET 600 mono-blocks
« Reply #1 on: 8 Feb 2019, 09:40 pm »
We now have the SET 400 amp that Kyle evaluated first back from him in brand new condition.

See his comments above regarding it.

Anyway, it has the premium silver faceplate but since the amp is now very mildly used, we will discount it $200 and still offer a new three year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Give us a call at 651-330-9871 if you would like it (who wouldn't).   :D

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Re: SET 400 and DVA SET 600 mono-blocks
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Just to clarify, your preamp is a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium. PrimaLuna doesn't have a Diagnostic line.  :)



Re: SET 400 and DVA SET 600 mono-blocks
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Yes the preamp in my system is a Primaluna Dialogue Premium Preamplifier:

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Re: SET 400 and DVA SET 600 mono-blocks
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Hmm, that photo says DiaLogue. They make the Prologue line, their entry level line, and the Dialogue line, their high end line.



Re: SET 400 and DVA SET 600 mono-blocks
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Thanks so much for your review. Glad you like them. What songs did you play on them?