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New here
« on: 12 Jun 2024, 04:33 pm »

New guy from Luxembourg. Fairly new to this whole audiophile business, just put together my first decent hi-fi system, have a few good headphones and very interested in the open baffle speaker design. Looking forward to learing and participating.



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Welcome to AudioCircle

Phil A

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Greetings & Welcome to AC Lev   :thumb:


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Welcome to AC  :thumb:
Look these options, this is a inexpensive DIY project from an AC member, it have only four(4) parts: Eminence Alpha15A + 4.7mH + Visaton B200 and a MDF baffle.

Other option are the Lii Audio F15 FR driver $399/pair, not each.
Here Decware OB with the Lii Audio F15 driver:

If one have a woodworker is possible try the Lii Audio F15($399/Pair, pair not each) 97dB/8Ω and benign impedance curve suited to OB or Bass Reflex box or the F18($540/pair), no Crossover, no Tweeter beaming, no Phase rotation, no driver sensitivity loss, no Harmonics loss, no Retail price.

My personal choice is the Lii F18 in Single Driver configuration, but if you make question of wanting a 2-Way speaker you may want a bigger woofer than the Alpha15A, so there are W18 inches and W21 inches from Lii Audio, personally I dont like these two VCs woofers, they are hard to drive with a small tube amp.

Please note some Circles of interest you may like>
The Fullrange Driver Circle:
The Open Baffle Circle:
The Tube Amps Circle>
The Vinyl Circle::


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Welcome to AC.
Luxembourg is such a cool place to live. My cousin moved to Schuttrange many years ago (he was a translator for the EU) and we enjoyed visiting him very much. Philip Crowther, the television reporter known for delivering news reports sequentially in six languages, is his son and grew up there.