REL Subs : High Level connection to Nuforce Reference 9 V2 SE

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Lars H.

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Forgive me if this has been covered before, but I did not succeed in finding any recent post about this topic. I have e-mailed Nuforce support a couple of times, but still no answer.

I'm considering adding a couple of Subs to assist my Avalon´s low end.
Currently I'm looking at the subwoofers from REL called T9. The general advice from REL is to connect the Subs via High Level, that is : the loudspeaker terminals on the amplifier.
I've read somewhere that one should be careful with this approach if your amp is class-D as my mono blocks Nuforce Reference 9 V2 SE are.
REL claims to have added an additional circuity to their products, that gets around this problem, though.

I'm very happy with the Nuforce mono blocks and I wouldn't want to set up anything that might damaged them, so can anybody here confirm they've tried such a combo or otherwise would recommend wiring the subs to the speaker terminals on the mono blocks ??


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Hi, NuForce high end products have been acquired by NuPrime so anyone with questions related to Reference series should post them on NuPrime circle.

Just to be sure, ask REL for the protection circuit (it is just a few passive component, and I recall that at one point we made a kit for a customer to get around this constrain) so I can check with engineering.
i can recall that many class D design has DC offset across the two different speaker terminals (DC offset across the speaker terminals is still zero). Therefore when tapping the speaker output  for the sub, this can create problem. But if the sub is aware of this design issue, it can be avoided.


Lars H.

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Thanks Jason,

Sorry for picking the wrong circle, I'll use NuPrime in the future.

I have written to REL based on your reply, hope their answer will be positive  :)