Omega CAM vs Decware DM945

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Omega CAM vs Decware DM945
« on: 3 Jan 2022, 03:38 pm »
Good morning:
I'm new here.  I'd like to hear from folks who have listening experience of both the Omega CAM and the Decware DM945?  How do they compare?  What are your impressions?

I listen to a Leben CS300 @ 12wpc, with a quad of EL84 and a pair of 12AX7.  This amp drives an old pair of Acoustic Energy Aesprit 300 stand mounted speakers that were designed for Home Theater use. My source is a Rega Apollo cd player.

I listen to classical music, mainly orchestral works, lots of piano and cello solo works in particular.  I also listen to jazz:  Mingus, Monk, Davis, etc.

I do NOT listen at high volumes.  On a SPL meter my peak level was 75dB. So I need speakers that are good at low volumes.

I'm focused on musicality, natural tone and timbre, cohesiveness; a balanced, non-fatiguing and easy to listen to sound. I don't need to feel bass in my bowels:) I dislike hyper-detailed sound.

My room is 12ft wide x 16ft long and 9ft high.  Lots of furniture that can't be rearranged, sadly.  Speakers will need to be placed at the short wall but only have about 12-inches max behind them.  The sidewalls are about 24 inches away.  There is a big TV armoire between the speakers.  Bookcase in the corners near each speaker.  Definitely a far from ideal space.

I appreciate any advice you can provide.



Re: Omega CAM vs Decware DM945
« Reply #1 on: 4 Jan 2022, 02:51 am »

   First off I never heard those two speakers you've mentioned here. Although, I have heard Omega earlier speaker years ago which are very different than their line up.

   Your room is about the same size as my room. And as a fullrange single driver speakers user I'm leaning toward the Omega for sure. OK, a little more detail... if you the kind of person who like to sit in front of the system and listen to music and I see that you don't listen to music loud I think Omega would be great. A little tip, with fullrange single drivers it is very important to spend sometime playing with toe-in.

   Anyway, keep us posted.



Re: Omega CAM vs Decware DM945
« Reply #2 on: 4 Jan 2022, 12:10 pm »
My suggestion would be to reach out to Louis @ Omega. They are superb for low level listening so you are definitely on the right track.

nature boy

Re: Omega CAM vs Decware DM945
« Reply #3 on: 4 Jan 2022, 12:23 pm »
I've heard both in my similar sized listening albeit with Decware tube amplication. The single driver Omega speakers with Alnico drivers are very special on all types of music. I highly recommend them. Given limited space you to the rear wall Louis may recommend a front facing port. Get some inexpensive Duelund 12gx2 oil impregnated speaker wire from Parts Connexion and you'll be in 7th heaven.



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Re: Omega CAM vs Decware DM945
« Reply #4 on: 28 Jan 2022, 02:03 am »
New forum member here. I completely agree with Nature Boy. I’ve owned the 945’s for years. Nice speakers especially with monolith horn stands and my all Decware front end. That being said they’re pulling main speaker duty in my basement 5.1 system. IMHO I’ve never heard anything better in my system than the Omegas. They image very well, are incredibly dynamic, and manage to be lush and detailed simultaneously. They do this at lower than what most people consider normal listening volume. I too prefer levels around 75-80 dB.
Talk to Louis about the front ports. If you can’t pull them out far from the walls they’re the way to go. Good luck in your search.