Main, a Two-channel Audio System by mikeeastman

Room Size
22' wide x 30' long x10'high
System Overview
Mivera Puremusic 3 Serenity Acoustics Super 7s w/ upgraded xover and mids and high rewired with Neotech Gold/silver wire, DIY RCA cables, power cables Furutech and Neotech DIY
Music Preferences
rock, R&B, Blues, Country, Jazz
Room Description
rectangle w/ 2 90 degree corners on one end all the rest are 45 degree and only one 90 degree corner meets ceiling at right angle
Acoustic Treatment
Jeff Hedback designed acoustic panels and PI Audio panels on walls and DYI ceiling cloud and bass traps
Listening Impressions
wide deep staging , very detailed with very nice separation, nice fast tight bass and very musical
Media Storage
Synology 48 TB NAS
Digital Source
Mivera Puremusic 3
Signal Processors
Mivera Puremusic 3
Mivera Puremusic 3
Power Amp
Mivera Puremusic 3
Serenity Acoustic Super7s w/ upgraded XO, Jupiter copper caps,Milflix by-pass caps, alpha core coils and Jupiter wire. High and mids rewired with Neotech Gold/Silver wire
GR research servo sub, sand box design using lead shot.
Speaker Cable
diy Combination of Neotech Gold/Silver and Neotech Silver wire.
diy rca
Power Cables
Furutech and Neotech DIY
Senn HD 650
Power Cond
Two 20 amp dedicated A/C circuits directly wired to my inverter w/ cryoed 8 gauge wire with upgraded breaker for sub circuit and Gold fuse for Source with PI Audio receptacles.
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbies gliders mapleshade brass footers, Isoblocks