Prefered digital output on BCD1/3

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Prefered digital output on BCD1/3
« on: 11 Jan 2017, 03:54 pm »
I'm using a BCD1 as a transport only into my BDA2.  I'm curious as to everyone's preferred digital output from their Bryston CD player.  Last night, I switch between optical and AES.  In the end, I preferred the AES as it sounded less "digital" and bright.


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Re: Prefered digital output on BCD1/3
« Reply #1 on: 11 Jan 2017, 04:18 pm »
BCD-1 > BNC > BDA-1

I use AES for my BDP-1. Easily switchable to BCD-1 behind rack, but I don't hassle with it.

The problem with optical is that the optical signal still has to be converted back to an electrical one at the DAC. An addtl step and an addtl opportunity for error to occur (jitter?), I think. Not surprised that AES sounds better.