Field Coil front horn with SET amps, a Two-channel Audio System by shooter

Room Size
System Overview
The heart of the system is the hand made 8" field coil full range drivers in a pair of custom solid hardwood front loaded horns.
Music Preferences
Classical, world music, folk and jazz.
Room Description
big loft space with insulated ceiling.
Acoustic Treatment
rug, puffy ceiling insulation.
Listening Impressions
Natural, Huge sound stage, incredible dynamics, great tone, life like, Very satisfying.
Digital Source
PS audio lambda transport and imac as source, parallel 2XTDA1541 NOS DAC with transformers I/V 801a DHT tube output stage.
Analog Source
Sota Star sapphire table with Abis 1.2 tonearm, Technics sp10 mkII table with Eminent Technology ETII air bearing linear tracking tonearm, Panasonic strain gauge cartridge with Dave Slagle’s boron cantilever microridge stylus, Kieski Purple Heart, Shinon
Kevin Kennedy designed tube strain gauge phono preamp, Bent Audio Slagleformer AVC.
Power Amp
Monobloc type 50, 300b and 6CB5a interchangeable SET amp with Intact Audio nickel interstage and Tango Permalloy output transformers. Antique Sound Lab 805 SET.
Rullit 8” and 12" field coil drivers in solid wood front horn + Fostex T500aMKII for super tweeter.
Muse 18
Speaker Cable
solid core copper
solid core silver
custom steel rack
Power Cond
Multiple isolation transformers