Tortuga LDR300V25 Posted on Ebay was lost by the USPS FYI

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Just an FYI: I sold my Tortuga LDR300V25 to a gentleman in Canada. I shipped  by the USPS.
The package showed scanned at my post office and headed for the Seattle Distribution Center. Then nothing. Tracking stopped and eventually filed a lost claim. After two months, the claim was paid. To my surprise, the preamp shows up on Ebay.

I contact the seller who knew nothing about the Tortuga or that the voltage is 24v, not 12v. After a few emails, he states he buys lost packages from the USPS by the semi load. Every thing he sells was lost by the public and couldn't be found. Here is one investigators impression;

The USPS will do nothing since they paid a claim AND Tortuga does not use serial numbers on their units. A retired detective friend and audiophile suggested engraving any gear that does not use serial numbers with your drivers license number or phone number. It must be something they can look up.

Shipping is getting risky these days. Fedex and UPS is value listed and they deny claims until you are ready to file in court. Theirs is not insurance as one might think. It is becoming ship at your own risk.


Re: Tortuga LDR300V25 Posted on Ebay was lost by the USPS FYI
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I think the airlines have a similar setup for "lost" luggage.

I once shipped a very expensive component to Canada, the buyer paid out the nose for USPS international priority mail guaranteed delivery.

But he insisted that I not insure the item to avoid customs fees.

Delivery was guaranteed in 7 days, the package disappeared after 3 days.

I was in my post office everyday for a week, I thought that they where going to have me arrested.

I was finally assigned a claims adjuster named James with a direct contact number.

The package was finally located on a loading dock in Jamaica New York.

It was finally delivered two weeks late.

When I called James for a refund since the shipping was guaranteed, he no longer existed.

I then found out that FedEx Canada handled the final shipping and I called them for a refund and got the $120 shipping refunded.

Which I refunded to the buyer to help with his pain and suffering.

I have had more than my share of shipping nightmares.