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Hello from S. Florida. I am new to this forum (have been active in others for a while).  I am not new to the AV world (been involved with it for 40 years) and have had many different set-ups over the years, time, money and space permitting.  I've had everything from small receiver-based set-ups, to stereo speaker based listening rooms to high end home theaters over the years.  I am at the stage in life where I no longer have the space for a large high-end theater, so most of my focus now is on creating a nice AV environment in a smaller and shared space environment.  Looking to share my knowledge with others and learn from others as well.


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Welcome to AC  :thumb:
Lack of space is a prob, in these conditions I could try a nice planar headphone as HifiMan or Audeze before Sony close this brand.

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