, a Two-channel Audio System by 006.9

Room Size
13x15 living room connected to a kitchen and dining room
System Overview
Two Channel Audio Music System
Music Preferences
Bach, Handel, Mozart, Corelli, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Sonny Rollins, Bill Evans, Clifford Brown, Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass, contemporary big band (Gordon Goodwin, Airmen of Note)
Room Description
My listening room is also my living room. The stud/drywall built space has an eight-foot ceiling, wall-to-wall carpet, two overstuffed couches, a leather chair, a bookcase full of classics in leather bindings, another case full of CDs, lamps on lamp tables, long curtains, and art prints on the walls. I've had my audio system in larger rooms where it presented a better soundstage of large orchestral works. Where the current room/system shines is in the reproduction of chamber music and acoustic jazz.
Acoustic Treatment
The only treatment is the carpet and furniture.
Listening Impressions
Solo piano and guitar work well, as does well-recorded chamber music (Peter McGrath's work on harmonia mundi really shines). My speakers are too close together and too close to the wall to throw a convincing sonic picture of a full orchestra.
Digital Source
NAD 516BEE CD player feeding the DAC through a TOSLINK optical cable
Signal Processors
Emotiva DC-1 DAC
Emotiva DC-1 DAC
Power Amp
Electron Kinetics Eagle 2 with power supply capacitors upgraded to 200,000 pF total
Vandersteen 2C with most recent drivers bolted to lead-filled steel stands spiked to subfloor
Blue Jeans Cable LC-1
Power Cables
KnuKonceptz Kord Kable 10-Gauge