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Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #20 on: 4 Aug 2023, 04:49 pm »
Finally getting around to writing my review of cables in the Hapa digital cable tour.  I would like to thank Jason for giving me this chance to listen to his cables.
I used the RCA coaxial cables as I don't use usb and due to a recent dac change I don't have a bnc connection on the dac end.

My system consists of:
Norma IPA 140 integrated amp
Sonnet Digital Morpheus dac
Jays Audio cdt2 mk2 cd transport
Rosso Fiorentino Volterra 2 speakers
Organic Reference 2 interconnects and speaker cables
Black Cat silverstar 75 digital coaxial cable

Music used:
La Segunda by Sera Una Noche
Scheherazade by Reiner on Living Stereo label
After Hours by Andre Previn

Stay tuned for the review entry....................


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Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #21 on: 4 Aug 2023, 05:39 pm »
My reference Black cat digital cable is a silver-based cable and out the gate the Hapa Cu had a richer overall sound.  I could hear finer details in the lower treble and upper midrange.
There was excellent pace to the music, soundstage overall was wider, deeper, and had more height.
The tonality was natural with a touch of warmth.  Some might say that some of what I was hearing can be attributed to the difference in sound between copper and silver, but after later inserting the Hapa Ag, this is not the case.

On Scheherazade, that richness in sound brought a highly pleasurable sound that made me sit up and take notice ( another glass of wine :)).  Violins were precise with not a hint of harshness or edginess.  That little extra warmth brought with it a sweetness to the midrange that was like a taste of honey.

In goes the Hapa Ag and I noticed a slight increase in pace and transient response and improvement in tonality.
In comparison to my reference Black cat, the Hapa Ag has more body with the high end having more detail, again no harshness.

To put it all in perspective, while I can clearly the improvement the Ag has over the Cu, in my system I cannot justify the difference in price.

                                             THE LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURNS

Either way that your bank account swings these are some very good sounding cables and I wholeheartedly recommend them.  Great job Jason.


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #22 on: 21 Aug 2023, 08:06 pm »
Quick update- I wanted to thank marvda1 for his review. I cannot emphasize enough just how much it helps when folks share their experience with Hapa Audio, so again, thank you and everyone else on this tour who have shared their experiences. FYI, the thread got split so if you want to see other folks review, check this thread:

I am happy to say, the Aero Digital tour has really gone a long way in spreading the word on the entire digital line. While Aero Ag USB has been a hot ticket item, I am happy to announce that Aero Ag BNC/Coax has been just popular! In fact, it's about an even split between the two product types in regards to purchases.

We have a couple of folks who had to reschedule, but once they've had their turn, the tour will be complete. Don't worry though! I have 2 more tours in the works as we speak. Keep your eyes on the forum for the next tour AND.... Product announcement!   :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted:
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