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« on: 29 Nov 2023, 06:18 pm »
I have recently become aware of WTL, I am thinking of a Amadeus Jr.

But over time the fluid the Golf ball sits in will get dust in it, do you need to replace the fluid every so often?


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Re: Dust
« Reply #1 on: 29 Nov 2023, 06:25 pm »
I bought mine used and changed the fluid, I just keep it covered when I am not using it to keep the dust out of it. To my understanding that fluid lasts a long time.

mick wolfe

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Re: Dust
« Reply #2 on: 30 Nov 2023, 03:12 pm »
I've had the original Amadeus for over a decade. I've never had issue with dust collecting in the vat and have never changed the fluid. My system is in a bedroom more or less isolated from the rest of the house, so it only sees activity when I listen. IOW, a low traffic area. I do cover the Amadeus when not in use with a of very light transparent plastic bag.