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Title: Octal Cornet at 240v using 370bx
Post by: Mudchute on 18 Oct 2014, 04:17 pm
Hi all,

Can someone kindly clarify some resistor values for me please?

I've built the Octal Cornet seen here which specifies a 270bx transformer however I've used a 370bx as I'm in the UK with 240v mains voltage. I searched the forum and found a quote from Jim which says:

If you want to build the "octal" tube modification to the Cornet using the 370BX, then change R2 = 2.4k and R21 = 0.91 ohm.

Wire the transformer primary tap to the closest voltage you get out of the wall.

jh :)

However is that for the standard cornet with octal mods or will the same resistor changes work for the Octal Specific cornet which I've built?

I'm afraid I've misunderstood this and applied the 240v mod from a different circuit to mine.  :o

Thanks in advance guys.