Comparing One McIntosh MI128 to a PAIR of 4-CHerry Amps !!

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The McIntosh MI128 is an 8-channel amp.  The 4-CHerry is a 4-channel amp, of course.

This is for a 2-channel system that requires 4 channels of amplification per channel, so one advantage of the 4-CHerry is that the speaker wires can be kept short by bringing the amps closer to the speakers.

A system upgrade was proposed by replacing their MI128 with a pair of 4-CHerry Amps, so here's a comparison, based on specifications....

    MI128: Single ended only (RCA)
    4-CHerry: True Balanced (RCA adapters included)

    MI128: Phoenix connectors
    4-CHerry: Gold 5-way Binding Posts (WBT on KING version)

Power Output into 4Ω
    MI128: 150W
    4-CHerry: 400W

Power Output into 8Ω
    MI128: 120W
    4-CHerry: 200W

THD+N, 10W into 8Ω
    MI128: 0.050%
    4-CHerry: 0.002%

SNR, A-weighted
    MI128: 95dB
    4-CHerry: 118dB

Damping Factor into 8Ω
    MI128: 65
    4-CHerry: 500

Frequency Response
    MI128: 0Hz to 20kHz
    4-CHerry: 0Hz to 100kHz

    MI128: 18 x 19 x 5 inches (approx 1700 cubic inches)
    4-CHerry: 14 x 8 x 5 inches (approx 600 cubic inches)

    MI128: 22 lbs (10 kg)
    4-CHerry: 12 lbs (5.5 kg)


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Re: Comparing One McIntosh MI128 to a PAIR of 4-CHerry Amps !!
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SNR, A-weighted
        4-CHerry: 118dB
Damping Factor into 8Ω
        4-CHerry: 500
Frequency Response
        4-CHerry: 0Hz to 100kHz

Wow great specs, easy to see Cherry have greater sound quality, congratulations.