Any Bryston 28B3 or SST owners?

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Any Bryston 28B3 or SST owners?
« on: 25 Apr 2021, 04:41 pm »
Any Bryston 28B3 owners with VR 5 Anniversary MK 2?   I still use the NuPrime EVO One monos (on top) bi-amped with Custom made Class D Audio SDS 450 for the base.   It all sounds great, but the Class D audio are starting to become un-reliable, and I am starting to get tired of looking at four amps.   I used to own the older 7B SST and although they worked really well with the VR 3.5, they didn't get on well with the VR 5 Anniversaries.  The 7B SSTs just couldn't get out of first gear with the VSAs.    The 28B is a much different beast...

I know Macs go well, and the 611 mono blocks are still on my short list, looking for used here in Canada as shipping from the US would be very expensive.    Pass 600.8 also on my short list.    That said, I know that Jeff Rowland mates well, and I recently heard a Jeff Rowland 625 S2 being fed from ARC Ref 6 on a Rockport speaker system and really liked the synergy.

Again, looking to buy second hand.  What I love about Bryston is the 20 Yr transferable warantee and the company HQ is only about a 2 hr drive east from where I live.

Thanks in advance.