Looking at VR-7 SE with all new drivers and upgraded internal...

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I have owned two sets of VSA.   The VR-5 SE with upgrades and the VR-4 SR MkII.   I really enjoyed them and probably should not have let the VR-5 SE go....but I did.
I now am in a position to purchase a set of VR-7 SE that were sent about 4 years ago to VSA and Leif and crew completely redid the entire speaker with all upgrades and new finish.
They will cost me around 12k unless I can get him down but he isn't in a hurry to sell without the right price. 

I am seriously considering getting them but can't listen unless I drive about 500 miles.  I will have to in the end drive to pick them up because he will not ship.

But i have started looking around on the internet for similar priced Focal, Wilson, Magico and Sanus Faber.  That puts you in the range of Focal Sopra No2, Focal Scala V2 Utopia, Wilson Sabrina, Sasha 1, Magico S3 MK I.  I have heard none of these speakers but have read a lot of reviews. 

There is always the issue of resale and I don't think VSA are that great at resale value as some of the others.  I am not that concerned because both times I sold VSA I owned I regretted it.

Does anyone have any input regarding a hot rodded VSA VR-7 SE compared to these other offerings?  I am about to pull the trigger but wanted to ask out and about before I do.

I mostly listen to classic rock, Prog-Metal, Classic Prog and Neo Prog rock.  I listen to some female vocal singers mostly in the soft rock genre.  Classical and jazz are visited infrequently but I still use them for critical listening more than pleasure.



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One conversation with Leif and I am going to make this happen!  I like his confidence in the product!


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Well, I'm glad you waited for us to chime in!  :lol:

Seriously though, I think you'll be happy for a loooooooong time.  Let us know when you get them and some pics in their new home.


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Still available I think.  Even if the ad is expired he still had them a few days ago.


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I contacted the seller, not for sale anymore.