Albert Von Schweikert..Has passed , I am so sad

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Re: Albert Von Schweikert..Has passed , I am so sad
« Reply #20 on: 13 Jun 2020, 02:19 pm »
So sorry to hear of Albert's passing. He was a true great in audio. I remember calling him when I was looking for speakers and we talked for 45 minutes. He answered any question I asked and was a true gentleman. Rest in peace Albert....


Re: Albert Von Schweikert..Has passed , I am so sad
« Reply #21 on: 14 Jun 2020, 01:14 am »
He was a kind and generous man....not to mention very gifted.


Re: Albert Von Schweikert..Has passed , I am so sad
« Reply #22 on: 13 Jul 2020, 12:19 am »
I met Albert in 2012 when I picked up my order for a pair of VR 33’s. I lived within driving distance of the factory, so to speed things up, I picked them up instead of having them shipped. It never occurred to me that I would actually meet Albert, as he was someone I had read a lot about, and my buying the cheapest speakers he made at that time, would certainly not make me of any special interest. But he came out and was kind enough to show me around while the speakers were being loaded. I was impressed by how easy he was to talk to. My being a neophyte in his eyes, was no problem and he spoke to me as a fellow HiFi enthusiast. We discussed the VR 2’s that I had been using for the previous 4 years, and the difference I would be able to hear in these VR 33’s. At one point, he suggested I try a pair of the MasterBuilt cables, and said he had a pair of used ones on hand, slightly scuffed up from HiFi show use, that I could try. If I liked them, I could pay a discounted used price, or, I could return them.  He suggested I hook up one speaker with a MasterBuilt cable and the other with the cables that I had been using. Seeing as they were still expensive, even at the used price, I suspected I would never buy them. Much to my surprise, the difference was simply amazing. It was as though a veil had been lifted from the sound and I quickly realized that I could now look forward to a lot of time spent listening to my whole library of LP’s and CD’s, with new interest.
Thanks Albert and Rest in Peace.  I suspect you had a great influence on way more than just the industry you worked in, but also with a lot of people who had the good fortune to meet and speak with you.

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Re: Albert Von Schweikert..Has passed , I am so sad
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Late to the thread but I want to add my condolences to his family and many friends.  He was a titan, an audio giant, and while I never met him personally it appears he was an even better man.  RIP, Mr. Von Schweikert.