Ted_B dedicated 2 channel and 5.1 system (includes 7.1 movie), a Integrated A/V System by ted_b

20T Xmas side 2 medium
Room Size
15.25' x 22.75' x 10'
System Overview
My music room is at once a dedicated 2 channel setup, along with a separate signal path for 5.1 hirez multichannel listening (identical custom SP Tech Revelation/Continuum 5.1 setup with Ultimate Mundorf externalcrossovers) and a 7.1 movie sound setup (side and rear dipole Alon Centris speakers). I listen 66% 2 channel, 20-25% multichannel music, 10-15% movies. In Oct 2010 I was halfway done with my latest acoustic makeover. The front wall has a 400 lb tuned membrane "floating wall" trap (hanging behind the screen) and a pair of floor-to-ceiling corner traps. My previous front wall trapping has been re-purposed in the room. Completed Jan 2011: 6' x 13' wood slat hanging ceiling diffusor cloud/bass trap, and two wood slat diffusor treatments on side walls (Nov 2010). Dec 2014 update: SP tech Revelations (mains) replaced by Aerial Acoustics 20Ts. DAC section significantly updated.
Music Preferences
I have an eclectic taste, ranging from Beatles to Radiohead to Peter Gabriel to Cassandra Wilson to Cowboy Junkies to Coltrane and Miles to Shostakovich. I love female vocals (Rickie Lee, Cassandra, Rosie Thomas, Joni, Sara K, Margot), acoustic jazz, and yet also the heavily produced synth sounds of Mitch Froom, Tchad Blake, Nigel Goodrich in their work with Suzanne Vega, Beck, etc.
Movie Preferences
No real preferences; Kubrick, Lucas, Coppola and the typical other large screen spectaculars; mixing in an art film/foreign film here and there. A ceiling-mounted JVC RS46 shoots onto a 110" diagonal Stewart Videomatte screen. HD has been a staple since the onset of Monday Night Football in August 1999.
Room Description
As of Jan 2011 my room has undergone a significant acoustic makeover, designed by Hedback Designs. The main goals of this makeover were to remove modal disturbances and open up the room. The main improvements included custom front ceiling-to-floor corner traps, a 400 lb tuned floating wall membrane on the front wall (behind the screen assembly which hangs forward of it, independently), and a huge set of side wall and ceiling hung wood diffusor systems. the ceiling system includes a large bass trap above the diffusors, hanging some 6-8 inches below the celing. The room is isolated from the rest of the house. It sits on a cement slab, has double thick drywall, 8 ft walls, 10 ft ceiling, sloping ceiling areas, and measures 15.25' x 22/75' x 10'. Dedicated electrical line for most of the equipment.
Acoustic Treatment
Aside from the above mentioned Hedback Designs makeover, I have fairly extensive room treatments with RealTraps products (i am a testimonial ad in Stereophile magazine copy every few months). I have 25 all totaled. I have Corner Mondo bass traps in the rear upper and lower corners, minitraps on the front slope and back wall and RealTrap first reflection treatments at the side and slope ceiling, along with HF trps for first reflection (for both front and surround speakers). In addition, I have RealTraps diffusor panels on the back wall, center. Custom GIK art panels adorn the rear wall, as well.
Media Storage
Custom wood album storage cabinets and cd rack. Equipment racks are Sistrum for audio, including Sistrum racks and isolation platforms.
Other Comments
The 2 channel virtues of my system are it's incredible soundstaging and imaging, and the solidity of the bass response throughout. It's real forte, and what sets it apart from other home theaters nearby is it's intense audiophile-level full-range 5.1 high-resolution multichannel capability. The one downside is that my system can get analytical (read: cold and a bit tizzy on top end) if I don't watch it. I prefer to stay warm vs neutral, therefore. Tube rolling preferences are detail and tone (warmth).
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Oppo BDP-83 BluRay/universal player
Satellite or Cable
ATT U-Verse w/ HD DVR, etc.
Video Display
JVC-RS46 digital projector, Stewart Studiotek 130 110
Digital Source
PS Audio Directsream DAC, Chord Hugo DAC, Chord Qute EX DAC, exaSound e28 multichannel DAC, Mytek Stereo-192 DSD DAC (3), Sonore Signature Rendu DLNA renderer, various pc servers (JCAT USB card)
Analog Source
Rega P5 w/ RB700 arm, Dynavector 17D3 cart, Dynavector P-75 phono stage
Signal Processors
Denon 3808 as movie pre/pro (TrueHD, DTS HD MA, etc.), using only internal amps for movie surrounds, and external amps for music surrounds and, of course, front soundstage
see above
Concert Fidelity CF-080 LSX2 V2 tube world class preamplifer, Bent TAP (original) passive preamplifier
Power Amp
Pair of Modwright KWA-150 monoblocks (fronts), McCormack DNA-1 (center), McCormack DNA-125 (rear music)
Aerial Acoustics 20T, SP Tech Revelation MR-1 Mk III (Ultimate Mundorf xover)
SP Tech Continuum AD w/custom stands and Ultimate Mundorf external crssover box
SP Tech Continuum AD's w/ custom stands and custom Intermediate Mundrof external crossover boxes, Alon centris sides and rears for movies
Paradigm Servo 15 ((LFE) room eq'd by Velodyne SMS-1 calibration system
Speaker Cable
MG Audio Design Planus III (mains), SR Tesla Accelerator (center and surrounds), MG Audio Designs jumpers (main)
main system: MG Audio Design AG III, High Fidelity CT-1, various IC's: ASI Liveline XLR interconnect, Furutech Reference III,Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator XLR's, Stealth Nanofiber, Soundstring Alpha Omega Pro XLR, , VH Audio Pulsars w/ silver e
Power Cables
Cardas Golden Ref (power amps, pre),Kaplan power cords (sources), VH Labs Flavor 2, Bybee filters
Sennheiser HD-580's, Etymotic Er-4S, Xin Supermicro headamp
Sistrum SP6 audio rack, Sistrum SP101 speaker stands, Sistrum SP04 and SP-3 racks
Power Cond
Audience Adept Response AR12 conditioner, ARp2, Dual AR1P conditioners, PIAudio Uberbuss
Tuning and Tweaks
Bybee filters, Room Lens (3), extensive RealTrap room treatments (14) and RealTrap Diffusors (2)
Other Components
2 pairs of Aether Audio Black boxes (main speakers at crossover)