Simple digital source + tubes, a Two-channel Audio System by Jabar

Room Size
System Overview
Simple system using digital files through tube DAC and tube amp
Music Preferences
Eclectic (Jazz, Classical, Rock, Blues)
Room Description
Needs some work acoustically. Next on the to-do list.
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
Very neutral. Positioning is crystal clear. Low end is not over present. High end very detailed without being harsh.
Digital Source
iTunes using lossless files stored on network attached drive streaming through Airport Express
Signal Processors
Custome made DAC based on 2 TDA1541A with four 6922 tubes (Electro Harmonix or EI)
Power Amp
Jolida JD-202A integrated with Mullard EL34s and original Jolida 12AT7 & 12AX7
Homemade floorstanding columns based on Focal kit. 3 way. Double coil mid/woofer. Inverted dome TiO2 tweeter. Brand new walnut veneer.
Speaker Cable
Monitor Cobra
Monoprice RCA Premium
Power Cond
Acoustic Research