My Den, a Two-channel Audio System by David C

Room Size
26' by 20’ 9 ft ceiling
System Overview
rebuilding after 14 yrs in the UK. Now retired and building a new system. WAF is a major consideration. Went to RMAF with my Wife in 2011 and ended up with PMC PB1i speakers (final choice with Revel Studios a close second). Love the Bolder modded Touch. My new Bryston 14Bsst2 amp sounds stunning. After RMAF 2017 purchased a Benchmark DAC3 L it sounds outstanding
Music Preferences
All kinds except jazz and very little classical. Folk, rock and classic 70's, 80's and 90's and some new material. Favs are Joni Mitchell, John Prine, Griffin House, Leonard Cohen, the Stones, Traci Chapman, Eagles, Jesse Winchester, Jackson Browne, Jonathon Edwards, Michael Murphy, The Kennedys, Beatles, Jimi and Dylan. Beginning to get back into some new C&W as well.
Listening Impressions
Very crisp and loads of detail. The Bryston amp really brought out the bass and filled in the sound stage compared to my Nuforce 9V3SE monos. The PMC's came alive with the Bryston.
Media Storage
PC hard drive. All FLAC files. Wireless to Touch and Transporter
Other Comments
Still experimenting with speaker placement (making minor position changes) and I am surprised how a 1 inch change in toe-in makes.
Digital Source
Squeezebox Touch with Bolder digital mods and Bybee power mods. Also Squeezebox Transporter for whole house system.Replaced myEastern Electric mini max DAC Dexa discrete op amps; no tube with a new Benchmark DAC3 L and it was a significant improvement
Other Sources
Direct TV box
Nuforce P9
Power Amp
Bryston 14Bsst2
Speaker Cable
Naim with three banana plugs for each speaker
Chord ICs, Morrow DIG4 digital cable & Morrow MK4 IC
Low wooden coffee table from Conn’s, floor model at $150. Working very well for electronics placement
Power Cond
Tuning and Tweaks
Naim disks under the speaker spikes; recently replaced with Herbie's gliders. ++1 on the gliders
Other Components
Squeezebox Transporter for use with whole house audio. Niles 6 channel whole house receiver with controller pads throughout the house and patio.