Main listening system #1, a Two-channel Audio System by geowak

Geowak new main audio system 2022
Room Size
13.5 X 18.5 ft
System Overview
Casual two channel listening (in the evening) I've got two systems and the picture above is the main one I use.
Music Preferences
Jazz, Blues, Instrumental, Vocals, Bluegrass and Ballads
Room Description
Decent sized room with minimal reflections. No sound damping. Area rug.
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
For a modest audio rig, good sound with no room treatment.
Media Storage
Bluesound Vault
Other Comments
I play strictly digital. Streaming Tidal MQA or Qobuz. Or I play CD's
Digital Source
Schiit Audio Bifrost Uber DAC via Bluesound Vault or Rega Apollo CD player
Analog Source
None at this time.
Power Amp
Line Magnetic 216 integrated tube amp (push/pull)
Tekton Design Double Impact SE
Speaker Cable
Analysis Plus Oval (Chocolate)
Power Cables
Grado, Beyer Dynamic or AKG
Unknown brand
Other Components
Custom fan to keep tube amp cool. Custom wooden platforms for speakers. This system is at the south end of my audio room. I have my secondary system at the north end. I turn my chair around 180 degrees to listen to the secondary system.