The NEW X4 - First Impressions Video | These are Fantastic!

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I’m sure Ron will come through. Anxiously awaiting the sound comparisons and full-up X4 review.  8)


Re: The NEW X4 - First Impressions Video | These are Fantastic!
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He posted "first impressions" and "maybe unicorn" comments on another speaker (Buchardt S400 Mark II) on May 18th. It's approaching two months now without a full review.

He's had Benchmark equipment for going on a year now. Now Burson amps are in the mix.

I donated to the cost of getting the binaural microphone for NRD, and it has seen sparing use since then.

I find the A/B comparisons of speakers somewhat informative. It is possible to hear relative qualities even if the actual in-room sound will never be captured between microphone, digitizing, and subsequent compression. Soundstage is essentially impossible to hear, even with binaural recordings.

Maybe NRD will get around to A/B binaural recordings with the Sapphires and X4. Maybe not.

It's hard to tolerate the slick willie patter of the used car sales spiel in the video scripts to mine nuggets of useful information. Calling people who literally gave him money "polly prissypants," or whatever hipster nonsense, is grating. Channels like Goldensound seem to have a lot more respect for their viewers and supporters. NRD started this thread for self promotion and then ran away.

The binaural recordings of the Sapphires compared to other speakers were helpful in nudging me towards buying them. Fortunately, I was able to listen to the Sapphires locally to ground truth things.

The direct sales model is, all said and done, a benefit to customers. I have the highest regard for Clayton and the team at Spatial Audio Labs. They are willing to develop and sell an assembled speaker that they stand behind (unlike DIY outfits that ship you the parts and leave you to the Fates.)

But I wish there were a better means of gauging speaker characteristics rather than the hit or miss availability of local auditions (mostly "miss") or coverage by Youtube folks with murky motives.