New Member Introduction - Well Tempered Super - Looking for Parts

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Hello AudioCircle folks- nice to connect..

I found this message board while looking for a dust cover for a new-to-me Well Tempered Super.. it looks like a member here posted one for sale earlier in the year. I'm hopeful to be able to contact them in time. If anyone reading this has a spare dust-cover that would work for me, please send me a message!

I'm excited to find this message board and know that there's a little bit of a Well Tempered community out there. What an absolutely magnificent table; I spent a good 4 hours yesterday meticulously getting it as fully balanced and set up as possible. Sounds absolutely sublime. It is replacing a Denon DP-59L, which I have enjoyed very much for the last year or so.

Anyone have any preamp / cartridge suggestions? I have a Benz Medium Output Micro Glider on it currently. Using an old Convergent Audio Technology SP1 pre and a pair of Grommes 360 monoblocks to power a pair of Proac Response 2.5s

Hail \m/