Grand Funk- Caught in the Act

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Grand Funk- Caught in the Act
« on: 3 Jul 2022, 07:57 pm »
  One of my Desert Island albums that I've been playing since my youth. Perhaps one of the best Rock Concerts from a band that didn't reach their full potential due to internal strife.

Here on Youtube is a Laser disc recording, which is very good, I watched it for the first time last night. From what I can tell it seems to be identical to the Caught in the Act, vinyl & cd release but missing 3 songs. Inside Looking Out perhaps my favorite song, was very interesting to see how it was played as opposed to how I had imagined it being played.


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Re: Grand Funk- Caught in the Act
« Reply #1 on: 9 Jul 2022, 03:14 am »
As a fan of GF from the beginning they surely reached their full potential and did so by the time 'closer to home' was released. With the addition of Craig Frost I had mostly given up on the band as a going concern. And, as a fan of Farner's and taking his side in the Knight/Brewer argument there is no doubt that Farner's naivete was his problem and unfortunate.
Caught in the act is okay, not as good as the Live Album which If I remember correctly was recorded earlier (1970) though not familiar to me until after CITA was released.
I played the original Inside Looking Out by Eric Burdon on yt just a few days ago. The cover is better :) as is Mr. Limousine Driver better than either version of ILO.

I won't mention E pluribus funk or All the girls in the world beware (just guessing the album titles from memory) having bought them with the hope that the band would eventually redeem themselves and as we know that never happens because every group have only two good albums in them and run out of talent and/or inspiration.

I will hook up my firestick and watch the video. Thanks for the link.

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