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Hi folks,
I'm HGB and am 79 years young.
Ever since my father bought me a 1957 Popular Electronics, a Weller S-400 soldering gun and an Astatic microphone, I had an interest in electronics. I admit I did not ever to delve into the concepts of how things work- yet I built my share of electronic kits.
One day I had the bug to progress to an upgrade from a caged mono EICO amplifier kit and a Sergeant Raymond AM-FM tuner.
All such parts were bought where the World Trade Center was located. This was early Sunday morning shopping.
Dynaco kits were the rage then and I purchased a few to gradually improve the sound of my system.
So here I am today with age old equipment, which is still partly used to create a decent sound.
Frank took a Hafler kit which I sent him and he turned it into a powerhouse amplifier. This then followed with a Dynaco preamp upgrade.
I was on my way-- yet in all the years-- times changed and most components are gone now.
Now I would like to resurrect a decent system and enjoy records which I still occupy my shelves.
The amp still works after all these years and I have Frank to thank for checking it out.
So that's my story


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Welcome to AC :thumb:

Phil A

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Re: Introduction
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You didn't mention the three most system components, your ears, loudspeakers and the room.  Sorry to break it to you but  at your age your ears are pretty much shot, probably can hear little above 1,000 Hz (extrapolating from my recent hearing test at age 65).  99% of hearing aids only try to recover up to 8,000 Hz (for conversational use).  There's was a recent thread here at Audio Circle about hearing aids.  I'm trying out a $4000 pair at my wife's insistence and so far not impressed.  Still miss some of what she's trying to tell me (the main reason for giving them a try).  But in general she's a poor communicator, assumes I mind-read, starts mid paragraph/mid sentence, and waits until I'm out of the room before speaking.

Loudspeakers have changed quite a bit in recent years.  The move is towards active design thanks to dominant studio use.  Actives use sophisticated low powered crossovers to drive one channel of amplification per driver, all contained within the speaker cabinet.  Many actives also include advanced room correction software.  Most actives are 2-way monitor designs as the matched amp/drivers are much more efficient in a multitude of ways.  So sorry your loudspeakers and Hafler amp is essentially obsolete.  By the way, the internal amps used are usually newer highly efficient class D solid state designs. 

Lots of research has been done to study room acoustics.  Suggest reading Floyd Toole's "Sound Reproduction" (either edition).  In it he demonstrates that all rooms have inherent bass peaks/dips and the use of multiple subwoofers is the best solution.  In general avoid small, square, uninsulated rooms that share functions with others.  For instance I have an 8ft x 13ft x 21ft well insulated man cave that cost virtually nothing above the cost of finishing off that portion of the basement.  The room dimensions follow Fibonacci ratios, same as the ancient Greeks used for their stone temples to control echos. 


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Re: Introduction
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Thank you for the welcome.
Talking about shot's one of my many components which have lost their ability to function properly.
The only thing functioning well is my nose.
I do have tinnitus frequently and that's a bummer.
In my bedroom are a great pair of Kirkland hearing aids and they are looked at daily. At first they were my favorite toys-- yet as times move on I hardly ever use them.
It's a challenge putting on hearing aids, glasses and then to top it off with a mask. I'm pretty embarrassed when I try to remove the mask and have a hearing aid dangling below the ear. It just doesn't look cool.
Thank God-- the mask is currently in the glovebox and only used for doctor visits.
As for speakers, I own several interesting pairs. Currently I'm running ALLISON 3 speakers, RDL F-1 which are also acoustic suspension types also from Roy Allison. I still have JBL L26 Decades in the closet and am currently trying to get my ROGERS Studio 2 to work like they should.
One speaker was opened up and the crossover was removed. I need to speak to you all about crossover systems in general. These were manufactured in about 1984.  I keep reading about capacitors, etc. going bad and that's a hidden manifestation about the hobby. No one really likes to talk about this because it's usually a back burner issue.
Yes, my hearing-- it's not what it was-- if it was ever. So I crank it up and boost the treble and bass with the Shiit LOKI a bit. Yes, I remember learning about the Fletcher- Munson curve years ago. Everyone tries to attain a flat response lol. That is so subjective. That's my speaker story.
My room acoustics are not what I really want-- yet it's our family/entertaiment room. I finally found a spot for the TV (70") and that corner area must remain as it is. The TV is mounted high enough to clear the tweeters of the ALLISONS. A large ZVOX SB500 soundbar is mounted above the TV. Talk about a mounting challenge. Across from the couch is an area facing us. This contains the various speakers used and currently the ALLISON 3s are connected to the system. They are occupying the two corners facing us. As you probably know they always remain in the corner and that is their only location. An ALLISON 3 speaker is just an ALLISON 1 cut in half and such speakers always go against the wall.
My preamp is a FREYA+ and as mentioned before, the Van Alstine Amp is my amplifier.
A Sony 5 disc CD player is my other way of listening to music.
Oh yes, there is an Original Sunfire subwoofer which was overhauled about 2 years ago. It's just used for supplementing the bass. You better believe it-- placement of speakers is crucial and my wife helps me schlepp them back and forth frequently.
One day it'll all work out-- I'm sure. The Studio 2 speakers weigh about a hundred lbs. each. I added casters to move them about. The standard type speakers can be moved to and from the wall yet to be frank, I really don't hear a great difference.
So the speakers are facing us, toed in a bit and I enjoy listening to the various music varieties which I have collected through the years.
I'm still new at this. Actually I'm a newbie because we didn't have DAC units in the past. I'm still learning about such things and and I'm getting a kick listening to all the people who seem to know it all on Youtube. They know how to separate you from your wallet.
That's my story so far and as I had mentioned I want to update the Rogers with new caps so I can bring them back. Ya can't overhaul your ears unfortunately.