Kismet Versions

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Kismet Versions
« on: 7 Mar 2022, 05:33 am »
Hi all,
I am looking at some used Kismet Special Edition monoblocks. Is there any rough guidance on how those differ from the Reference versions available now?



Re: Kismet Versions
« Reply #1 on: 9 Mar 2022, 12:01 am »
It is very confusing,  I admit,  because I can make over 50 different versions of the Kismets.....and have built probably well over 2000  of them alone.

AGAIN,  Kismet is the double thickness black board with all of the upgrades, including the SL caps...everything else is customizable.....different people call it differently,  and I'd have to see inside the amps to tell you.   However,  the one to get...and by far the single best thing that I build,  are the versions of my own amps with the huge hyper power supply,  would be legitimate $ 20 K +  amps with any other name and profit margins.....great thing here is that any Kismet amp can be upgraded to that level,  as it is mostly the ps that needs attention...........