Brand New Obsession PC

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Triode Pete

Re: Brand New Obsession PC
« Reply #20 on: 17 Oct 2021, 03:31 pm »
So it's been an entire year now and I remain totally satisfied with the Obsession (transport) and Digital American (Dac). I've removed them to try something else or switched them to other components - but nothing else sounds better. They are officially a permanent fixture:-)The "veil" I perceived with the Digital American cord faded away.
  After adding new (101db eff!!)speakers a couple of months ago and spending the time finding their optimal position plus rearranging the room treatments, I'm loving them - but....Being so sensitive the leading edges of instruments and dynamic vocals are often exaggerated. Annoyingly unnatural. Enter the TWL Spirit 2 ic between amp and pre - takes 99%of that "shout" away and allows the tone and harmonics to be restored. I may end up with another between Dac and pre.The "house sound" seems to be truthful without emphasis on any frequency. They also somehow damp any stray anomalies.I think.
 First priority is eliminating speaker/floor vibration issues, then another Spirit 2 might be the icing on the cake.

Fantastic! When you have high efficiency loudspeakers, you can really realize how important a "black background (noise free)" is, how natural dynamics can explode while still maintaining PRaT (Pace, Rhythm & Timing). These were some of my design goals!

I'm glad you're still enjoying the cables!  :thumb: