Line Array spectacular, a Two-channel Audio System by beemer

View of Pipedreams and 65" Mitsubishi DLP TV
Room Size
System Overview
After a lot of years I've managed to build a system that does full range classical music with great effect. Drums sound like drums, complicated passages do not get lost in electronics, and the thing just does it all for me.
Digital Source
Levinson 31.5 transport, Sony SCD-777ES SACD, Sony DVP-9000ES
Analog Source
VPI Aries
Other Sources
Otari Reel deck, TEAC Cassette
Signal Processors
Levinson 30.6 DAC
Levinson 32 w/phono
Power Amp
Levinson 33 monoblocks, Levinson 33H monoblocks
Pipedreams Reference 18's