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Title: Northeast premier of the Ayre QX5/Twenty at Audio Connection, Verona, NJ
Post by: ctsooner on 23 Jul 2016, 04:04 pm
next Saturday the 30th of July.  They will set it up with the Vandersteen 7 mk 2 and the Ayre ref gear.  Everyone is invited.  Johnny Rutan who owns the place has been mentioned in the last two Stereophile articles on Jazz musicians and their systems.  Just spoke to Billy Drummand who is the jazz drummer they wrote about last month will try to be there for a bit.  let me know if you can make it. If so, I'm the one using a rollator (walker with wheels).  Please stop by and say hello.  I have the QX5 on order and can't wait. Alex from Ayre will be there to show off his new DAC.  Can't wait. hope to see folks there.