Mountain High, a Two-channel Audio System by AllynW

System Overview
Not as good as before, things change.
Music Preferences
Everything from Mozart to Megadeth.
Room Description
A great room in a cabin.
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
Works for me.
Media Storage
Other Comments
I recently moved to an off the grid cabin in the mountains of Central Nevada. Because of the Power restrictions, I left most of my previous system in storage, to be sold at a later date. Collecting dust are my VTL 450MKII and B&W 801S3. The only new item currently is the speakers. It was tough leaving such a great system but living off the grid is worth it. The closet Stop Light is 150 miles away. I have no zip code!
Digital Source
Mac Mini w/Esoteric D-07
Analog Source
Technics SL-1210MKII w/Jelco Arm for daily use and an sometimes an SL-10.
Jolida JD-9 Phono Stage.
Power Amp
Jolida JD-1000A Integrated amp.
KLH Model 5, New.