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Title: Welcome to "ENDER'S GAME"
Post by: jqp on 6 Jan 2003, 04:02 am
Ender's Game is the Gaming circle on

Ender's Game is a scifi book by Orson Scott Card about battle training games in space, and other things. It is a fascinating book dealing with strategy and team leadership in conflict, as well as networks - so we decided it would be a great name for this gaming circle.

This circle is for all gaming that you may be interested in: PC, Console, even board gaming. Special emphasis will no doubt be on the convergence of gaming, audio, video and computers.

Your facilitators are myself, jqp, and Woodsea, and bob82274 (may I call you bobn, where n=82274 ?)
Title: Welcome to "ENDER'S GAME"
Post by: bob82274 on 6 Jan 2003, 04:54 am
Just Bob will do.   :D
Title: Our moniker: behind the book in regards to the future movie
Post by: Woodsea on 11 Jan 2003, 11:11 pm
I hope John Travolta is not behind this one :nono:  Ender's Game is a better book than Battlefield Earth,you just never know what will happen.
I encourage everyone to go to their local library and pick up this book.  It is a fine read.
Title: Re: Welcome to "ENDER'S GAME"
Post by: vadang on 10 Apr 2011, 06:57 am
I love the Ender Saga as well as the Shadow Saga.  I am about to start some of Card's other books.  Hopefully, they are as good.