SET 120 Control Amp and MK5 DAC combo

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SET 120 Control Amp and MK5 DAC combo
« on: 7 Mar 2024, 10:03 pm »
For the first time I have current production AVA equipment! SET 120 control amp, MK5 DAC. Got them in excellent condition.

The SET 120 was a very noticeable improvement, especially the bass response. I just got the DAC today and on the first song I played - "Piece of My Heart" from Deacon John's "Jump Blues" album - I heard piano nuances that I never heard on that song before. And I'm just getting started.

This from a 77 year-old guy who had severe ear infections from 6mos to 6th or 7th grade, played REALLY loud music (standing right next to a strong-armed drummer who caused me excruciating pain when he hit a crash cymbal), idiotically sitting through an entire Grand Funk Railroad concert, ageā€¦ Among other problems my hearing takes a real nose dive at around 5500k or so...

And when I bought my first piece of used AVA gear about 15 years ago I really wasn't expecting to hear much difference given the state of my hearing. Was I ever wrong!