Hello from Bergen, Norway

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Hello from Bergen, Norway
« on: 21 Jul 2021, 11:43 pm »
Hi all,
In the mid 90s my passion for music led me to my first audiophile purchase, a pair of Snell E3 speakers and some Counterpoint amps. I don't really upgrade very often, prefer to spend time just enjoying the music. At the moment I have a pair of Avantgarde Uno speakers, the great Nuforce ref9v3se monoblocs, a Conrad Johnson Premier 14 pre and a Wavelength Cosecant dac connected to a NUC (soon to be an Aries Auralic). Cables are mostly Transparent Audio super. After getting lost in a vinyl player rabbit hole I currently have waaaay to many record players, all in different stages of repair/modification; 2x Lenco 75, a Dual 701, a Technics 1210mk2 and an original Oracle Paris. Also a Sumiko MMT, a lightly modified RB250 and a Jelco 250, one Hana SH pickup and a Gold Aero Riaa. None of my various vinyl combos can currently compare to the digital setup. Working on it....

I also have a "second system" at our summer house composed of spare components that I can't let go of. There's a couple of Quad 303s (amazingly good considering their age/cost), a Nuforce Dac10 that's only half-functioning and a pair of Alon I speakers. I've had those speakers since around 1999, after 10 years in storage I finally found a way to use them and I still think they are astonishingly good speakers. In quite a few areas they easily better my Uno's (original price was less than 1/5 of the Unos). Their resale value in 2021 is so low compared to their quality that I will NEVER get rid of them. I would probably get $300 for them and replacing them with something of similar quality would easily be $2000+...

In general I am really happy with my system, it's not perfect, but it sounds very musical and dynamic. However I am always curious about ways to improve and new developments within the field...



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Re: Hello from Bergen, Norway
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Welcome to AC.

Phil A

Re: Hello from Bergen, Norway
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Re: Hello from Bergen, Norway
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Greetings & Welcome to AC Stig   :thumb: