Hello from NorCal

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Hello from NorCal
« on: 21 Jul 2021, 10:35 pm »
Hi, Koetsu13 here.
Long-time Audiophile, started getting serious back in 1979.  First real system was Grado GTE+, rega planar 2, CJpv2a, bedini 25/25 and jbll100’s.  Have used a wide variety of products over the years, usually focusing on price performers or doing modifications.  Current kit includes: zyx ultimate, VPI TNT Jr w/12.6 3d printed arms, vibraplane, herron w/ GE 5751 TMBP’s, Doge 8 w NOS GE 6201’s (or Truth or FirstWatt Nutube B1 w oil caps), FirstWatt SIT3 (FirstWatt F6, Bedini 25/25, etc., etc.), spatial M3TS, alpha core goertz silver cables. Currently pretty happy with the tone and presentation, always looking forward to learning and going to start on some speaker builds soon.

Phil A

Re: Hello from NorCal
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Welcome to AC!


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Re: Hello from NorCal
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Greetings & Welcome to AC Koetsu13   :thumb:


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Re: Hello from NorCal
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Welcome to AC  :thumb: