2 channel main home system, a Two-channel Audio System by Yomaha

Room Size
Large with high ceilings
System Overview
- Vinnie Rossi LIO w/DHT - Pass Labs XA25 - TAK 300B tubes - VPI Cliffwood - PS Audio DirectStream DAC - Salk Songtower RT's - REL T/9i Sub - Auditorium 23 Speaker wires - Auditorium 23 RCA, Acoustic BBQ XLR Interconnects - PS Audio P3 Regenerator -ETHERRegen - PS Audio AC-5 Power chord throughout - SubDude HT - Herbie's Tenderfeet
Music Preferences
classic rock, rock, funk, 1950's jazz, New Orleans jazz, electronic, country
Room Description
large with high ceilings, wood floors, large area rug, windows on the front
Acoustic Treatment
SubDude HT, Herbie's Tenderfeet under DAC & Pre
Listening Impressions
50's & 60's jazz sounds holographic with plenty of air around the instruments along with detail but without harshness. lots of separation and texture with organs and synths.decent sound stage, subwoofer provides adequate low end. Could use a tad more power or more efficient speakers to increase SPL for powerful music/passages due to room size. Very black background with low noise floor.
Media Storage
wav files on my external hard drive integrated with Qobuz and Roon streaming lossless.
Other Comments
I love the Vinnie Rossi integrated one-box solution. It's much cleaner and less fuss. ALso less variables in the signal path and less noise. Low noise and black background allow for ample instrument separation and musical engagement. the TAK 300B tubes while expensive have been worth the money. Comparing them to the EletroHarmonix 2A3 was a veritable revelation in imaging, openness, and extension on both the top and bottom.
Digital Source
ripped WAV files + Qobuz with Roon integration
Analog Source
VPI Cliffwood with Ortofon Red
Signal Processors
PS Audio DirectStream DAC
- Vinnie Rossi LIO w/Directly Heated Triodes
Power Amp
- Vinnie Rossi LIO w/Directly Heated Triodes / internal 25-watt Mosfet solid state
Salk Songtower RT
REL T/9i
Speaker Cable
Auditorium 23
Acoustic BBQ, Auditorium 23
Power Cables
PS Audio AC-5's
Grado 125
Power Cond
PS Audio P3 Regenerator
Tuning and Tweaks
TAK 300B tubes in preamp stage of Vinnie Rossi LIO Integrated Amp, Herbie's Tenderfeet for DAC & Pre, SubDude HT beneath REL T9i