mchuckp's 2-Channel Room, a Two-channel Audio System by mchuckp

Room Size
15'x23' with an offshoot to the right that is 10'x13'
System Overview
Modestly treated 2-channel room that also pairs in TV duties. Speakers have a 10.5' spread with about 11.5' to the primary listening position. Songtowers are approximately 31" from front wall.
Room Description
Room has some pretty bad slap echo and bass loading in the left front corner. These were fixed with room treatments from GIK.
Acoustic Treatment
All GIK products: 3 242 panels, with 1 behind each speaker and one to the left side of the left speaker. 2 244 bass trap panels behind listening position. Pillar bass trap in left corner behind left speaker.
Digital Source
Bolder Modded Squeezebox Touch w/ Bolder Deluxe PS>Wyred4Sound DAC-1
Analog Source
Rega P1 Turntable w/ Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge and glass platter upgrade
Other Sources
Oppo BDP83 Special Edition Bluray Player
Audio by Van Alstine Transcendence 8 Tube Preamp (w/ Insight Phono Stage)
Power Amp
Audio by Van Alstine Ultravalve Tube Amp
Salk SongTowers (Ribbon Tweeter upgrade) in Med Curly Cherry
Speaker Cable
Monoprice 12awg
Signal Cable, Monoprice, Emotiva, Blue Jeans Cable
Power Cables
Signal Cable, Bolder, Pangea
BeyerDynamics DT880's
Power Cond
PI Audio Group Magik Buss power cleaner >PS Audio Quintet
Tuning and Tweaks
GIK Room Treatments
Other Components
Display: Vizio 55" LED (model 551)