Using a bunch of Herbie's stuff

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Using a bunch of Herbie's stuff
« on: 8 May 2011, 12:04 am »
First, I'm no GEA, able to hear all sorts of very-subtle differences.  I believe that ALL changes to a music-reproduction system change its sounds, no matter how slightly and whether I can hear it or not.  Some 'improvements' to my system I make on faith, 'knowing' that even if I can't hear a difference immediately, the cumulative sum of changes eventually becomes audible to me in sort of an epiphany.

I've been using Herbie's tube dampers and a few feet for years--decades?--but more recently got more serious about vibration control.  Motivated by the golden-eared reviewers at the British mag Hi-Fi+ (my favorite audio mag), I seriously considered buying multiple sets of Stillpoints (at about $99 per 'point!) but chose not to spend the many-hundred$ for them.  Since then, I got more thorough with Herbie's products and bought more Tenderfeet, cable-connector dampers for the dozen ends of the main IC in my system, and a bunch of grungebuster dots.  I applied the GBs to many things I already had but also had some 3"-by-3/4" steel barstock cut to 4-, 5-, and 6-inch lengths and added trios of those 3/4" GBs to them.  These I've placed around my system.

I can't say absolutely that I hear improvements in the sounds of my system as a result of installing all these TFs, connector dampers, and GBs, but the sounds of my system continue to improve, to the point that it's never sounded better.

Thx for effective, affordable vibration-control products, Steve.