Mat success

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Mat success
« on: 4 Jun 2010, 04:22 am »
Great product, although I was dubious at first for the money. I have an old Thorens TD-150MKII that was professionally upgraded and a Rega arm fitted. I had a nagging hum problem before the upgrade and slightly less after the upgrade. The new mat killed off quite a bit more.....and then I installed German Joel's 'bearing' for the platter...reduced some more.

I'm losing interest in going much farther. I'm pretty sure the hum is from the motor. I've had the TT since new and there were many nights in college where I fell asleep and the TT ran all night....that couldn't have been good for the motor.:cry: I delicately oiled the motor, put in new run capacitor etc. One thing that happens is that as you move the arm towards the center, the hum increase. I remember that's a significant symptom of something, but I can't remember what? :roll:

Anyway, the mat is an excellent product and reduced the hum enough so that I can record again, although not completely removed it.