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Besides the recent product review at Affordable$$Audio and several hundred customer reviews/comments featured at Herbie's website, several "professional" reviews have been published online over the years.
Herbie's Audio Lab has never solicited a professional review; in all instances, reviewers have contacted Herbie's Audio Lab with a desire to test and review one or more of our products.
Product Line Overview:
Original Way Excellent Turntable Mat:
Original Big Fat Black Dots, Superior Carpet Spikes, and grungebuster 2.2 CD Mat:
Positive Feedback #28
Original grungebuster CD Mat:
TNT -Audio
Original Tenderfoot:
HAL-O JR Interconnect Dampers:
PEEK HAL-O Damping Instrument:
Original Teflon HAL-O Tube Dampers:
Positive Feedback Online (Issue 27)
Positive Feedback Online (Issue 7)
Other notable online reviews:
The Black Hole CD Mat:
Audio Asylum Review

Original Way Excellent Turntable Mat:
Vinyl Asylum

Teflon HAL-O Tube Damper:
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