PSB Stratus Silver Woofer Dust Caps

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PSB Stratus Silver Woofer Dust Caps
« on: 27 Jan 2022, 02:18 am »
Original owner of PSB Stratus Silvers. Took the grills off yesterday and noticed the dust caps seem to have all moved down about 1/4 inch off center. They do not seem to be loose or separating. Not even sure how long they have been this way. I sent a photo to PSB Tech help and they said the only time they ever saw this was if the speaker was over driven to the point of being so hot the glue melted. I have these speakers since 97 and never drove them hard, and they have always been in a system with two subwoofers to handle the low frequencies.

I looked online and noticed some photos of these speakers with the same issue. I don't think it is affecting the sound, but just wondering why the glue allowed this to occur. Perhaps if I flip the woofers around the caps will find their way back to center....ha ha.

Anyone have this issue ?