Brexit Madness - UK wants to turn us into a sales tax collector

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Not directly audio related but thought this would be of general interest since the world keeps shrinking and changing as the online world keeps expanding.

We sell a small number of DIY parts into the UK. Most such sales add up to a few $100. A month ago we shipped a $50 part to England which has taken forever to get there. We just received noticed from the shipping company that they are sending the $50 item back to us because it's not deliverable. I contacted the buyer. Buyer informed me that starting 1.1.21 the UK is requiring all online sellers outside the UK to register, collect and pay to the UK the VAT (sales tax) on all purchases of less than ~$185 (135 pounds). Something that previously was handled by UK customs and the customer upon delivery and not the seller. If under $185 sales into the UK were a big part of our business I might consider taking on this administrative burden but there's no way we're going to do so for the random now and then under $185 DIY part order. I can only imagine how this is impacting smaller online business that sell into the UK from the EU and elsewhere. More Brexit madness.