Unever brick floof.

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Unever brick floof.
« on: 18 Feb 2014, 12:06 am »
   My name is Tony. I'm building a pair of Madisound BK-16's back loaded horns. They are 29" tall x 10" wide X 15" deep. I don't know the weight right now, because it does not state the weight on the web sight, and I have not built them yet. They are going in my den, and the only place to put them is on either side of the fireplace. The fireplace is not flat on the floor. It is raised up and has a brick outcrop in front of it that measures 70" long by 22" deep, by 16.5" high. The surface is basically level, but it is a brick surface with indented groves between the bricks. I want to use 4 BF Dots and a Sq BF dot in the center. But I can't be sure if the dots will be on flat brick, indented groove, or both. What would you recommend? Something between the brick floor and the Dots?


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Re: Uneven brick floor.
« Reply #1 on: 20 Feb 2014, 02:25 pm »
Hi, Tony. I suggest trying four Big Fat Dots under each speaker, directly on the bricks. A fifth Dot in the middle might be beneficial but is more likely to just aggravate your efforts to have solid footing with the other four Dots. Being free-standing, the Dots are extremely versatile regarding placement, so you can fidget their positions a little this way and that to get good footing. It wouldn't matter if a Dot is partially over an indented groove so long as the majority of the Dot is on flat brick. More important is that you get solid seating of the cabinet on each Dot. Besides adjusting their positions, you can also shim one or more Dots if needed: just tear off a few sheets of Post-It Pad paper, however many needed to achieve the height you want, trim for neat appearance and place under the Dot. Or, a felt pad can be used, some kinds of cardboards make very good shimming material. Most likely you won't have to worry about shimming, because you can just move the Dots around (closer to the edges and corners, a little away from the sides, even in an asymetrical array.

Placing something between the Dots and floor can be beneficial and is an area open to trial/audition. If using something like a platform--hardwood, granite slab, etc. you would then need to isolate between the platform and floor.

Steve Herbelin
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Re: Unever brick floof.
« Reply #2 on: 22 Feb 2014, 05:51 pm »
  Thank you Herbie. I will try it that way. But, what I was thinking is, my speaker bottom measures 10"x14", I was thinking a MDF, half, maybe three quarters of an inch thick, maybe 9"x13", with a sheet of giant 9"x12" dB neutralizer on the bottom, between the MDF and the brick, with Big Fat Dots on top of the MDF, and the speakers on top of that. But I try the 4 BFD's first. That will save me a bit, because I am also going to need 4 set's of ISO Cups with balls, and about 20 tender feet, before I'm done setting up my new system. Thank you again.

  Tony G