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Title: Problem with uneven bottom on DVD/CD player
Post by: Lancelot on 29 Jul 2009, 07:38 pm
 I"ve purchased from Herbie before and been more than pleased with my purchases and I especially like the excellent packaging.

 I have a Denon 1740 DVD player used in a second system for both DVD and CD ( it's rather amazingly good as a CD -especially anywhere near the price). I'd like to put some of Herbies footers under it BUT the bootom has two levels between front and back. The front is supported by normal feet while the back ( which is at a lower level ) simply has extensions from the casing.

So how important is it for the unit to be level ( there is a rather small difference as is) and can I add footers ( but then, obviously it's not level). I have two of Herbies stabalizers on top. 
Title: Re: Problem with uneven bottom on DVD/CD player
Post by: Herbie on 29 Jul 2009, 09:28 pm
Hi, Lancelot. I would suppose you'd want the player fairly level, and Tenderfeet virtually always improve the musical reproduction of DVDs (sometimes the picture quality, too).

There are at least three possibilities.

First, you can place two Tenderfeet at the very front and two as far back under this level as possible. If that gives ample support without the player being too back-heavy, that would probably be the best way to go.

If the difference in height between the levels is just a little, you can Tenderfeet under each level and give the front Tenderfeet a little boost. Place all your footers where you like and then grab a Post-it Pad. Tear off as many sheets as needed to place under the front Tenderfeet to give them the height they need (you can then trim the paper for neat appearance under the footers). I've used Post-it pads often for various leveling needs and have never experienced any sonic detriment to using the sheets of paper.

Third, if you let me know more precisely how much difference there is between the two levels, I can probably accomodate with a custom solution.
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