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Title: Ultrasonic to Rx
Post by: arthurs on 29 Jul 2009, 03:46 pm
Steve - if I am currently using Ultrasonics, could I just repace the O rings with the Rx and make the change that way?  The Rx sound like a nice little upgrade....

Title: Re: Ultrasonic to Rx
Post by: Herbie on 29 Jul 2009, 04:02 pm
Hi, arthurs. You can purchase UltraSonic Rx Isolation Pads to replace the standard UltraSonic pads. Just slide the old pads off and push the new pads onto the titanium C-rings.

The Rx pad base material is slightly tweaked from the standard UltraSonic pad and has a groove machined into the pad to hold the O-ring in place (the O-ring is made of Kalrez formula 7075).

Standard and UltraSonic Rx Isolation Pads are interchangeable, and the titanium C-ring holding them in place is the same with both versions.