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Title: Very Large Sub Recommendation
Post by: Lonely Raven on 19 Oct 2013, 07:58 pm
So, long story short, I happen to be chatting with someone who turned out to be the inventor of the Auralex GRAMMA isolation platforms...this happened to be about the time Herbie's Halo's were recommended to me by some friends for my tubes. Of course, this guy recommended his product to get my sub off of the floor...I figured since I just purchased the Halo's this weekend for my current tube amp, that's ping Steve and see what he recommended for my sub-woofer before I throw my very limited funds at anything.


Living room Home Theater with a 7.1 setup *and* with a 2 watt SET 2 channel setup in the same room. Budget is tight, so far I've only ordered the Halo's for my amp, and my 2 channel speakers are on generic steel spikes.

Living room is thick carpet over a rather springy subfloor (below me is the garage).

The sub in question is one I built myself. It's 43" X 23" X 37" (all prime numbers) and houses a 21" woofer driven by 2k watts. I'm not sure of the subs weight, but I'm sure it's at least a couple hundred pounds with the sub installed.




The sub has already been optimized for location and direction the driver is facing - I just need to decouple it from the floor at this point.


Thanks in advance! I look forward to trying out the tube dampers and if all goes well, some other Herbie's products as I can afford them!

Title: Re: Very Large Sub Recommendation
Post by: Herbie on 19 Oct 2013, 09:00 pm
Hi, Lonely Raven. I recommend considering five or six Giant Flat Gliders.


Best regards,

Steve Herbelin
Herbie's Audio Lab
Title: Re: Very Large Sub Recommendation
Post by: poseidonsvoice on 20 Oct 2013, 12:32 am
+1. I use 4 of these gliders  on a sub that is 4 ft tall, 2 ft wide and 2 ft deep weighing about 180 lbs.
Uses an 18 inch woofer, two 18 inch passive radiators and a 2.4 kW amplifier.
Works great.

Best ,