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« on: 19 Jan 2022, 02:45 pm »
Hello from outside of Toronto,
I’ve  been in the hobby for I guess 30 years or so. Gone through a number of different systems, integrated, separates, tubes, solid state, analogue, digital, streaming. Always think I’m finally there, and an urge for change comes along. Currently have two setups in my home, and one in my cottage. Always more to discover in this hobby.
Look forward to participating in this circle.


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Re: Newbie
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Have been around longer and struggle to simplify my systems, but just replaced my TV that died with a bigger one to offset the increasingly smaller print which also required buying a HDMI AV receiver and while I was at it upgraded a cheap DVD player with a nice Blu-Ray player and a bigger center channel loudspeaker. 

My audio system includes mono-blocks, three subwoofers, and ten absorption panels.  So it looks like I'm losing the battle.

Phil A

Re: Newbie
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Re: Newbie
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Cheers & Welcome to AC Colin   :thumb:


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Re: Newbie
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Welcome to AC  :thumb: